B2 Communications | Communication Strategy

Communication Strategy

B2 creates well-rounded communications plans by understanding your organization and its goals, your audiences and your value proposition.

A powerful communications strategy is about more than getting into the news. We take a well-rounded approach that reflects all the ways people get information today.

We work to understand every aspect of our clients’ businesses, identifying their value propositions and what sets them apart from others in their field. Then, we consider the best ways to position our clients as experts and connect them with the audiences that can help their organization.

Some of B2’s strategies for increasing a client’s visibility are creating strong content for blogs, newsletters and social media; increasing community and industry involvement; establishing a strong website and digital presence; securing speaking engagements; and identifying award possibilities for the organization.


B2 Communications | Media Coaching

Media And Message Coaching

B2 coaches you on delivering your message clearly in interviews, at speaking engagements and whenever you talk about your organization.

Communicating an organization’s messages clearly and powerfully while offering useful information can be a challenge. B2’s media and message coaching helps our clients deliver messages effectively, whether it’s to the media, employees, business partners, government officials or the public.

The training helps company leaders learn how to answer difficult questions and make complex topics understandable. And we help our clients figure out how to tailor a conversation to who they’re talking to, and how to deliver their messages in an engaging, real way.

In the sessions, we first provide practical and useful tips, including B2’s “Big Three Rules” for interviews. Then, attendees use what they’ve learned in mock interviews, with on-the-spot coaching as they provide answers.


B2 Communications | Media Relations

Media Relations

With extensive experience in working with journalists, B2 uses a targeted approach to connect your stories with audiences that care.

Positive media coverage can dramatically enhance an organization’s reputation and credibility. B2 mines our clients’ organizations for the stories that will resonate and connect with the news media, and in turn, with their audiences.

At B2, we don’t just send a news release out and hope for results. We match the right reporter to the right story, sending targeted pitches to the reporters and editors we know will be interested. We build relationships with the media by understanding what they cover and what they care about.

We secure media coverage for our clients in a variety of places, including traditional outlets like daily newspapers, TV broadcasts and radio shows; digital outlets like blogs and online magazines; and industry trade publications. Our clients are often quoted as experts in stories about trends in their industries.


B2 Communications | Content Development

Content Development

B2 creates clear, informational and compelling content for a wide variety of channels, from blogs to newsletters to websites and more.

Clear, concise and compelling content is the foundation for every strong brand. B2 creates a style and tone for organizations that can be used in its newsletters, blogs, websites, internal communications, speeches, annual reports and other communications.

This content shares some unifying traits – it’s helpful, succinct and tailored to our clients’ audiences. B2 works to understand the audiences and what they find useful, and with this knowledge, we create informative, shareable content.

The quality of the content shows in our results. Our e-newsletters have low unsubscribe rates and industry-leading open rates. Our blog and social media posts are consistently shared to wider audiences. And the website copy we write tells an organization’s story in an engaging way while helping with search engine optimization.


B2 Communications | Social Media

Social Media

B2 creates thoughtful, interesting and shareable social media content that builds strong relationships with your audience.

Social media is about quality, not quantity, and connecting with people. Effective social media encourages audiences and customers to engage with a brand, company or organization in a meaningful way.

Bombarding our clients’ audiences with meaningless or promotional content won’t create the connections that lead them to action, whether that action is buying a product, making a donation, or sharing a brand they love with someone new. B2 creates compelling, useful and concise social media posts that provide a client’s audience with news they can use.

B2 also helps our clients decide which social channels are best for reaching their audience – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. We’re experts at growing our clients’ audiences, and using social media advertising effectively when needed.


B2 Communications | Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication

When a crisis arises, B2 works to protect your reputation by helping you communicate effectively and honestly.

Many of the crises we handle never make the news. For clients dealing with a crisis, B2 works to protect their reputation and communicate in a meaningful way, often using the situation as an opportunity to improve an organization’s overall communications strategy.

B2 learns the client’s stakeholders – such as employees, business partners, investors, board members, customers or government regulators – and helps the client craft and deliver honest and effective messages. As the situation evolves, the messaging evolves, too.

B2 also provides media training and crisis planning so organizations can be prepared – before a crisis happens.